Random April

To start us off, what part of spring are you (via Barbara from Nova Scotia)?

You Are Baseball Games

You like old fashioned things. You're one of those people who values tradition.

You enjoy a slow pace of life. You believe that life is all about enjoying every moment.

You love the changing of the seasons, and you look forward to what each season brings.

You are smart and a bit obsessive. You become very immersed in your interests.

(enjoy a slow pace of life? Me?? Although that thing about being a bit obsessive may be sort of true...)

LynnM sent me hilarious tourist complaints and a comparison of warriors in two cultures.

Who knew a garden hose could sound melodic?

From Trevor, the absolutely latest from Japan and I've got no comment whatsoever. And an article refuting the innocence of "little old ladies" (people keep forgetting they've had decades to plot).

Trevor also sent me a link to two talking cats - really talking, although it doesn't come with a translation. Lying behind me on the bed, Mojo could not have cared less. However, when I clicked on a link out on the right side to another talking cat named Bunsy and played it on full screen, she was absolutely transfixed. Unfortunately, I can't find those videos again, so I have to find other ways of messing with my cat’s mind.

Late addition: A-HA! Found it. Turns out the cat's name was Burnsy.

By now, I'm sure pretty much everyone has seen the dancing-in-a-railway-station videos and here's another one, this time from Holland, I think. Makes me smile every time, however, it's the second video that makes me laugh. Little Red Riding Hood like you've never seen her before (I'm especially fond of Grandma nutrition facts).

A little more time intensive, but well worth it if you've had the kind of week that's made better by watching explosions, but not the usual kind. Sent to me by DavidG, who also showed me what may be the best commercial series I've ever seen. Sit back, watch and enjoy!