Weekend Tink Fest

On Friday, Beth challenged us to go and have some weekend fun and I don't know anything more fun than spending time with my lovies. Remember when they were born? They are TWO AND A HALF years old now. Dunno how that happened. Janne and John (the Tink Delivery team) drove and the Tinks were cute and thus, responsibilities were distributed fairly.

Morgan still appears to have some issues with appropriating Liam's things (his is the frog). At Christmas, she firmly nelieved that possession was 9/10ths of the law. But as can be seen from the look on her face yesterday, now she knows what she's doing.

Liam communed with a plant

They often instinctively move the same and I was lucky to get a shot of the Tinks investigating the courtyard at my mother's condo.

My first attempt at making a movie of the various videos I recorded. Please ignore the shakiness (it's hard to hold still when you're laughing) and the rather rough editing and focus on the cuteness. Yes, Liam is wearing a splint - he had his first major incident a few weeks ago - for more details, go here and scroll down to the May 15, 2008 post (I've forgotten how to create a post-specific link to John's site - feel free to put it in the comments, TinkPapa, please?). He's OK and it doesn't affect him at all. Actually, he seems to have fun with using the splint as a drum stick. Takes after his dad, the rock star, that boy...

Anyway, after a brief flowering tree/bird song interlude, we get to the action. The kids learn about dinosaurs, Liam shows off his Spanish vocab, then Janne and Morgan discuss potential desserts, the kids see raspberries and get very excited (and who wouldn't, it's raspberries!) and Liam examines, then eats one.