Random April

From Björk's 2007 album Volta, the video of the single Wanderlust. Pretty resource heavy, but worth a watch. Just don’t take any hallucinogens before you do or you might permanently go over the edge. I love the beginning, with the foghorns, seagull screams and sound of water – the influence of Iceland is very much there. I’ve been thinking that a piece of music solely composed of these sounds might be really, really cool. Yes, anything with ocean makes me happy, but really. Watch it and think about it. Am I wrong?

Zombie Strippers. A real movie with Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson. Seriously. The trailer had me convinced. Must. See. It!!

Helping the Handicapped (link fixed). Hysterical.

I just watched part of the news, but turned it off once they started the segment on "what the public thinks", sticking microphones in people's faces on the street. How is this news?? Why are you shortening the segments that contain actual news to allow room for people spouting their opinions? Irritates the crap out of me.

Build it and they will come. The turnoff in Banff to the #1 highway to Calgary. A bridge that includes a path for wildlife. Integrating the needs of humans and nature. Not so hard, after all. More on the project here.

Pygmy hedgehogs. I want one. Especially if they look and sound this cute while eating.

For the cat lovers out there. In my continuing efforts to address Mojo's gastrointestinal issues (it's been years, can someone direct me to a wall upon which I can bang my head?), I tried a dry food called Fromm’s Surf & Turf. Naturally, it gave her horrendous constipation, but don't let that deter you - everything gives Mojo horrendous constipation. However, before I moved onto yet another food (did I mention I'm running out of options?), I discovered that it gave her the shiniest coat I have ever seen on her. After only two weeks on this food, I could almost see myself in her coat. Highly recommend it.

I was on hold at my vet’s the other day, listening to the voicemail woman who talks about heartworm treatments, tips re: senior cats, etc, when she all of a sudden said "thousands of pants are lost every year!”. And I wondered 1) why this epidemic of lost trousers hasn’t made it to the newspapers; and 2) why my vet’s voicemail woman was talking about it. Until I realized it was a notice about microchips and she’d said pets, not pants.

I assume that we've all seen the Canal Plus ad for March of the Penguins? Or little while ago, Carrie sent me the equally funny ad for Brokeback Mountain (subtitled version here, but the sound is not very good - watch the other one first).

Have a great Monday!