Change of Plans

I wrote a post last night. Suspected it was one characterized by some rambling idiocy, but nevermind - I write posts like that all the time, right? However, this morning, in the bright light of day, the post revealed itself to be a) rambling idiocy; and b) rambling idiocy without a point. So it's been trashed. Which leaves me without a post and no time to write one, as the floors in the apartment across the hall are being varnished today and if I want to breathe, I should get out of here.

But before I do that, I need your help. I was working on my next column and wanted to throw a little nifty factoid about women's history in there. More specifically, I am sure I once learned that when typewriters were first invented, only men were allowed to use them at work - women were thought entirely too delicate to pound the keys. That is, until it became apparent that typing was a low-wage job and then, suddenly, secretarial work became a female field. I googled, confident that I'd find confirmation of this very quickly, but after half an hour of futile searching, reminded myself that in the big picture, perhaps my time was better spent y'know, writing, instead of losing my day to research that wasn't paying off. So I found something else, finished the piece, but have since been nagged more or less constantly by the bleedin' typewriters. Can any of you confirm this for me? Am I out in left field?

And if you don't know, feel free to leave your favourite bit of women's history in the comments. It's Feminist Friday!