Weekend Shenanigans

I had the weirdest reaction to the end of the TV season (about which I babbled endlessly on Friday). I don’t know if it was due to the oversaturation of Very Dramatic Season Finales, but I started watching movies and they were all British and Scandinavian – I needed small and (relatively) restrained as an antidote to all the Drama. It began with a sort of homage to 28 Weeks Later and Hot Fuzz that got released recently – naturally, I had to watch 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead. Then I moved on to The Best Werewolf Movie Ever Made (and despite this not being the first time I’ve watched it, it still scared me witless). In the process, it was confirmed again that I must not watch or read anything scary past 11pm because I’m just too much of a wuss to handle it on my own. Luckily, I had an antidote to the antidote: a tape of the Tinks from 6 months to Christmas-ish made for me by John. Nicest way of cleaning out the dread I’ve ever seen. Once I’d regained my equilibrium (and was no longer twitching at every creak), I popped in Kitchen Stories which, if you’re into Scandinavian humour, is absolutely hysterical. And sweet. And heartbreaking.

Mor and I had lunch with Michele and the boys, one of whom sported a very snazzy cast (and dared to stand below the giant spiderweb):

That’s got to make it a bit less awful, don’t you think? Why didn’t they have snazzy casts when I was a kid? I spent a month in a bodycast when I was 14 and there was nothing but white plaster from just below my arms to my toes (yes, with conveniently located openings in appropriate places – it wasn’t like they expected me to hold it for that long). I think I wouldn’t have minded so much if it could’ve been blue. Or red. Maybe a nice purple.

In the throes of hormonal cravings (the regular hormones – it’s not like I’m knocked up), I did my best to avoid cheese and chocolate. I crave it, yet those few days every month, it gives me migraines – why is that? Why does your body want something that will mess with you? Is there some sort of physiological reason for that? Yesterday alone, I did not eat chocolate 47 times. Which I consider a testament to my willpower (or pain avoidance instincts?), as I have some amazing dark chocolate with orange flavour from Twin Cove Confections – makers of not only nutfree chocolate, but the kind of chocolate I’d buy even if I didn’t have allergies. It’s heaven.

And lastly, I started four books, but never really committed to any of them. Just can’t quite decide what I want to read – nothing is right. I’ve tried Literary, something with dram, as well as decidedly fluffy and none quite do it. I’m attempting to cleanse my reading palate with another Amelia Peabody mystery, but even Amelia is not altogether right. Any suggestions?