Random March & A Contest

Accidentally flipped by Global news a day or two after the last nasty, nasty storm and heard one talking head (Global’s seem to be more idiotic than the rest of them) say “after being pelted by last week’s icestorm, victims are still reeling”. Victims? Of a storm? When they’re not discussing loss of limbs or property? VICTIMS? Global is becoming Canada’s Fox News. Quite something to aspire to.

The spam has made another jump in my inbox and the senders and subject titles are becoming more and more… a-hem, innovative. One of the best this month was one entitled penis launcher. I kid you not. Made me laugh every day for weeks (I saved it for that purpose).

And speaking of inboxes…. I lost mine. A geek I once knew who worked in systems for a large company, mentioned how the staff in that department referred to Microsoft’s Outlook as “Look Out” and boy, was he right. Note to other users: if your Outlook has trouble compacting messages, do not put that on your “to deal with later” list unless you want to lose a couple of years’ worth of incoming mail. Live and learn...

Rotten Tomatoes has a list of the 100 Worst Movies. I’ve seen 8.5 (one was so bad, I abandoned it halfway through). How many have you seen? Which was your favourite?

The lovely Lynn of the comments (who really ought to get a blog) has sent me a gift that keeps on giving. After reading this book,

she was so impressed that she felt it should be sent out into the world to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. I am the first recipient - Lynn very thoughtfully provided it in audio format - and when I am finished, she asked that I send it on to someone else, who will send it to someone else when they're finished, etc., etc. Nifty idea, no? If you're interested in reading it, please leave a comment to this post sometime before Friday afternoon (March 30, 2007). All the names will be tossed into a receptacle of sorts (I have no hats) and the winner will be drawn by a special guest next weekend.

Warning: the last paragraph will be about the part of My Sister’s Keeper I hadn’t read when I posted about it on Friday. It might ruin the ending if you haven’t read it, so proceed with caution.

I'm madder than a wet hen. On Friday, Kristine mentioned how she was completely destroyed by the last 20 pages of the book and I was, too. Overall, the book was an enjoyable read, as well (yes, I know that sounds demented). This is a heartwrenching story, frequently reduces you to tears, but in the great tradition of heartwrenching fiction, it was an oddly emotionally satisfying experience (yes, I know that sounds even more crazy). It is reality turned up to 11, fiction that presses all the buttons, makes you think and pushes you to care desperately for the characters. And then, after the author has stabbed you in the heart with a knife, ripped your heart out, wrung it out and sliced it open again, she then puts it in a blender and pulverizes it. Not only is there a convenient medical inaccuracy at the end that makes you question every other medical fact presented in the book, but the ending is mean, manipulative, unnecessary and I absolutely hated it. While I sobbed. I had planned to read more of Picoult's books, but am so disgusted and upset by the ending to this one, that I will never read another. Part of the art of writing is knowing when to stop. There was a perfect moment to stop in this book and she pushed past it. I feel used.