Random February

Found this via A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag (excellent name for a blog, by the way). Someone is building a replica of The HMS Beagle - the ship took Darwin on his journey to discover natural selection and changed the world. There is a website with lots of information, including ship plans and a blog about the progress. What a brilliant idea! Now, if I could only get on the crew...

Earlier this month, there were a couple of days where I saw a commercial for a new product called Motts Fruitsations – basically, wee cups of applesauce blended with other types of fruit. Great idea, I like Motts, it's all good. Except the tagline at the end of the commercial said "with the surprising real fruit taste". Or something like that - I'm a little iffy on the details, intended to check the motto, but now can't find it - it appears to no longer exist. Probably for the exact same reason that I'm blogging about it. Call me picky but is it not reasonable to expect real fruit in a product called Fruitsations? This was a lot funnier in the beginning of the month way I might have been able to refer to a link and we could all fall about laughing together...

One of the benefits of being single is that you can read while you eat dinner - which also has the benefit of making it easier to ignore the cat sitting next to you, cranking up the woeful eyes, trying to persuade you that really, it's animal abuse not to share. You know you’ve watched too much CSI when your choice of dinner reading material is Temperance Brennan dissecting a badly decomposed body - that woman does get a little detailed at times - and it doesn't affect your appetite at all.

The Forward of the Month Award goes to John, who sent me this example of a mistranslation (the statuette – a really quite handsome depiction of an arrow in a tasteful neon chartreuse - is in the mail, John):

I laughed my arse off.

Also very funny of the “laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe” variety is this video of talking dogs and this one of the reason behind a mysteriously increasing water bill.

Something happen to me this month, something that makes everyone I know look stunned and then they whimper. Sometimes, there are tears. Thanks to the efforts of my friend Sue (mother of Amanda the Wonderchild), she and I have tickets to the Police Reunion Tour in Juy. Yippie!

What about the Oscars? Did you watch? What did you think?