A Tink Christmas

It appears that after merely a few days of puttering about doiung whatever I wanted has resulted in me going feral, as Stephanie calls it. It occurred to me this morning that it was Thursday - don't laugh; awareness of what day it is was a huge step towards civilization - and that I have a blog that might be in need of updating, what with regular posting being sort of the point with a blog. However, said burgeoning glimmer of a possible return to real life is not yet large enough to actually... y’know, write something. Instead, I present the Tinks at Christmas (click on pictures for larger version).

Liam is developing his flirting skills, while Morgan channelled her inner hamster.

It was nice to see my mother's floor strewn with toys and playing children (the one in the middle is

When I say that Janne and John wrangle the twins, I wasn't kidding.

Tissue paper was a big hit. Morgan made confetti (lots and lots of very tiny confetti) and Liam liked waving it about at great speed.

I continued my quest to be a bad influence and taught Morgan a new game (thankfully, there is no picture of what I looked like during this)

And in the end, the kidlings conked out after a wonderful evening, one with dad and the other with Michele.