What I Did on My Autumn Vacation

Last Monday, it all started with a very unhappy Mojo trapped in a teeny little box (and boy, does she hate to be confined) on her way to the vet.

She's doing well - still at the vet's, as I will have to leave again, but hopefully not until later this week. I've taken to calling the wee beastie Madame Mojo of the Sore Butt, as she's had her anal glands removed in an attempt to salve my finances and her physical and emotional wellbeing.

I then invaded my mother's place, as she had kindly permitted me to stay there for the duration (the poor woman thought it was only for 3 days). We spent the first three nights sleeping in the condo's guestroom (then I moved to the pull-out couch, or Hammock, as I started calling it)

which was quite nice. I especially liked the rain hitting the AC unit - it felt like sleeping in the Norah Jones song, somewhere tropical, under a tinroof. We spent the days in my mother's apartment, having a blast. I haven't had a vacation in 12 years and re-discovered how wonderful it is to get away from phones, email, responsibility and the daily routine. Thanks for giving me a perfect time, mor!

There was yummy food, such as one of my favourite meals - fyldt moerbrad. Essentially pork tenderloin, stuffed with little pockets of fresh parsley, braised (?) and with the best gravy in the world (my father's brother used to call it Brown Soup - he'd quite happily eat it from a bowl with a spoon)

We watched great television and for the first time, we watched Dancing with the Stars in the same room. Not having to wait until the commercials to make comments made everything much more fun.

And wonderful movies. On my mother's TV. Which is almost 4 times the size of mine. Heaven.

From my mother's window, the world goes on forever

And to cap off a perfect week, my lovies came to visit to celebrate the sale of their house. After an arduous journey best described as "everything that could go wrong, did", the world finally decided to be nice and now the kidlings and their parents can move into their new, beautiful house.

Both have discovered standing. Here's Liam showing off

And charming everyone within sight

The two moods of Morgan. Beautiful even when upset

and happily reaching for something (this is still how she spends about 90% of her waking hours)

Just in case I have to skedaddle, chased out by fumes tomorrow morning, I'm hitting post. It's nice to be back. A bit weird, but nice.


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