Tink Fix & A Triple Birthday

I’ve been jonesing to see the kidlings and this weekend, the TDT mobilized to bring the darlings to Toronto for another round of Tink introductions. Both Liam and Morgan have a habit of sporting a look of deep concentration and we tried to figure out what they might be thinking about. Cold fusion? An end to hunger and disease? World peace? None quite fit, but looking at the pictures from yesterday, I think I know.

They’re plotting to take over the world. To render all who meet them helplessly enslaved to their cuteness, capable only of besotted smiles. They have a teamwork that is not only impressive to behold, but incredibly effective.

They start out slow. First Morgan works the cute angle, while Liam pops on the helpless look and gets a cuddleburp.

Then they ramp it up and send Morgan out to wrap Ken & JP around her tiny little finger (which took about 3 nanoseconds - please note the satisfied look on her face and the goofy smiles on the adults').

After that, they watch while normally fairly dignified adults make faces and contort themselves and giggle as the plan proceeds apace.

Use your powers for good, my lovies.

Oh, and there was also a birthday. Or rather, three. Three members of the family – mor, Janne/TinkMama and Ken all have birthdays within a month of each other, so we do a Triple Birthday celebration. There was cake. Danish birthday cake: