By Popular Demand

It'd be cruel to make The Tink Freaks(tm) wait until next week, so here are the latest (taken by one of the TDT - that's Tink Delivery Team - members). Please note that the very snazzy sweater/hat sets were made by mormor.

During the knitting, I received countless calls from the woman complaining about how they - the sweaters, that is - weren't cooperating. When I gently suggested that maybe she could consider following the pattern instead of viewing it merely as a suggestion, she would, without fail, scoff and talk about how she was "improving it". On the fly. Note to self: keep my mother and Stephanie (oops, I mean Stephanie) apart. If they ever knit in the same room, they might become a force of nature with a vortex so powerful that everything would start to evolve and mutate at such high speeds that we wouldn't recognize ourselves from one minute to the next (I think maybe I've had too much caffeine).

With no further ado.... Liam and Morgan, at approximately 4 months:


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