A recap of the weekend’s sillier moments…

Friday evening, I was watching a movie and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red dot dancing on the chair beside me. These are the thoughts that went through my head in rapid succession:

1. I’m having a stroke.
2. No, that looks like the red dot from a sniper’s rifle.


I have a bit of a vivid imagination… Turns out some idiot living in the building facing my livingroom had gotten himself one of those laser-pointing thingies and was amused by invading my privacy. Or so I rationalized.

The next day after a fantastic dinner at my mother's, John and I attempted to re-create his halluc… er, idea that Janne’s wearing Homer Simpson’s head under her shirt:

It's a work in progress...

Although I was busy looking at her mid-section and can't say for sure, I believe Janne lived through this moment as a practise for having children. I'm pretty sure there was eye-rolling.


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